For a year we have heard whispers and rumors of an underground electronic music festival like no other organised by the team at LWE. Junction 2 debuted in 2016 in a gritty venue under the M4 motorway bridge at Boston Manor Park. Now, in 2017 this has expanded from three stages to five spanning Drumcode’s raw industrial arena, the new, intimate woodland stage hosted by East London promoters Into The Woods and an area offering comfortable hammocks where punters can soak-up the festival vibes. Surely it would be rude not to see if Junction 2 lived up to the hype that preceded it…?

With the festival starting at midday, we began our day soaking up some of the sunshine with a bottomless brunch (keeping it classy) before heading to Boston Manor to join the shufflers in dancing our night away to an eclectic line up of DJ’s.

Armed with some tinnies for the road, we jumped on the Piccadilly Line at Kings Cross and began our journey. The closer we got the more excited we were and as we pulled into the station it was full of girls in small black two pieces and topless, sunny-clad lads. Let’s be honest, nobody wants layers when you’re raving!

We tapped out of the tube station and began the 10-minute walk to the site. Everyone was feeling the festival vibes and more than happy to befriend one another on route. The closer you got the louder the beat and then after an anticipation filled trek... we had finally arrived! The location was unbelievable – you could immediately see the crowds at the Drumcode Stage raving hard and we couldn’t wait to get in and amongst it.

We finally navigated our way to the front of the queue and were let loose on the festival - running around like kids in a sweet shop not knowing where to start. Do we head straight to Drumcode? Should we check out the Hydra Stage and SONUS? Or do we immediately hit Into The Woods? We were paralysed by choice - there were so many options!

We grabbed a drink and made our way to the SONUS arena where we danced to Ibiza favourites like Maceo Plex and Joseph Capriati in the glorious sunshine. If we closed our eyes, we could almost imagine we were back on the white isle rather than under a bridge in a gritty West London venue.

We soaked up our fair share of the sunshine (began to burn like crisps) and made a call to head to Into The Woods to get a bit darker, both literally and figuratively with the music. We had heard big things about this stage on the lead up to the festival and can safely say it didn’t disappoint.

Tucked away in a bush that smelled like damp earth and trees, almost like you were suddenly at a camping festival in the middle of a forest, we stumbled across a small shack with a huge crowd - Praslea was killing it and our fellow festival goers were soaking up every second of it and every pulse of the deafening beat.

This truly was a rugged venue, and felt like a throwback to illegal raves of the 90’s! Trying not to fall over the tree roots, revellers around us raved hard, trying to hit that well known techno beat in the opening of the thicket. The crowd were loving it, smiles plastered across the faces of people around us - every now and then an arm would go around you and you’d share a glance with your newly fostered friend that without words said “This is seriously good…”.

We tore ourselves away from Into The Woods and dashed over to The Hydra to catch Daphni. It’s safe to say that diversions from the norm were happening thick and fast throughout the day, especially at this stage, and so we were excited to see what kind of set we were in for.

Chancing our luck, we somehow managed to jump on stage during the peak of the music. As we danced towards the crowd, completely loving our lives, we looked out to a sea of outstretched arms – what an incredible atmosphere!

As the day came to a close, we just had time to run over and catch the last of Adam Beyer. Instantly it was clear that he was saving this set for the London crowd. A fierce remix of Rozalla’s ‘Everybody’s Free’ played out the evening – the memory of Beyer’s fist pumps rarely left our line of vision and will not leave our memories for a long time.

For ten hours on Saturday, Boston Manor felt like its own techno and house universe. It was somewhere you could dance, relax in the sun and eat delicious food whilst listening to a selection of world renowned DJ’s. Everyone that came proved raving still has a special kind of magic and we can safely say that we’ll be watching like hawks for updates on the 2018 pre-sale announcement!