9-12th August 2018 brings us the tenth chapter in the mystical wonder that is Boomtown Fair. With tickets selling out in a record four months; it’s time to start bracing ourselves for another weekend of frollicking in the fields of Winchester.

But this year, there’s a difference. The festival has been granted permission to open its magical doors one day early; but only to a select few. They’re offering limited early access to attendees travelling to and from the festival via sustainable transport methods such as coach or shuttle bus from the train station, in an attempt to lower the fair’s environmental impact. Neat, huh?

If you haven’t had the chance to experience this festival, let us warn you: it’s not like the rest. The moment you step foot into the site, you enter a world of colour and hedonism that flounders to be put into words. Reality is left firmly behind.

Some tips for preparing for this weirdest, most eccentric weekend of your existence?

Wear what the hell you like. Seriously. If you can imagine the craziest outfit in your head, multiply it by 1000 and you’ll be close to the sartorial variety on display at Boomtown Fair. If you wanna dip your face in glitter, you dip your face in glitter. If you wanna wear a luminous Lycra catsuit - you rock it. Men included.

Get involved. You’ve gotta let your inhibitions go with this one, and immerse yourself in the weird wonders that they lay on for you. There will be actors in character dotted round EVERYWHERE, ready to transport your imagination to places it hasn’t yet discovered. Trust us when we say, you will never laugh harder than you do at Boomtown. Don’t be afraid to let your inner child loose for the weekend.

And finally, be prepared to make new pals. There is a real community vibe at this festival that is hard to compare. No one cares what you do, how much you earn, or who you know. You will meet people you wouldn’t dream of connecting with, and will probably never see them again. That’s the beauty of it.

See ya there.